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Dalhousie University

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Dalhousie University is located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Dalhousie University is  recognized for the outstanding quality of its research and innovation, and theuniversity is a member of the U15 , a group of research-intensive universities in Canada.

One of the Research Project related to potatoes in this university is called, Potato Consumer Research Initiative (PCRI), which specifically involved in research  of potato marketing management, potato genetics, consumer behaviour, and research methodology.

Objectives of PCRI :
  • to identify the factors influencing declining potato consumption in North America
  • to gain a better understanding of consumer perceptions and preferences for purchasing and cooking potatoes
  • to provide information on opportunities for effective partnerships between growers, packers, processors, retailers and the food service industry
  • to work with industry partners to identify strategies that will increase the likelihood of consumers purchasing potatoes.
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Gefu Wang-Pruski, Acting Dean and Principal, Faculty of AgricultureAppointment of Acting Dean & Principal, Faculty of Agriculture
Noviembre 06, 2023

Well-known potato researcher appointed as Acting Dean and Principal, Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie

A well-known potato researcher, Dr. Gefu Wang-Pruski will commence a one-year term as Acting Dean and Principal, Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University, effective October 30, 2023.
 Nova Scotia Agricultural College
Enero 10, 2011

After-cooking darkening: the affliction of cooked potatoes

The discolouration that blights cooked potatoes has plagued the potato industry for many years. This phenomenon, known as after-cooking darkening, is one of the most undesirable characteristics and has been reported from every potato-growing area in the world.