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Dangi Foods

Dangi Foods is a french fry manufacturer in Nigeria.

For decades the entire region of west Africa and beyond, including Nigeria has consumed French fries/potato chips in one form or another as part of their diet. Having embarked on an expansive research into this niche market, Dangi Foods observed that there was a gap in the market for indigenously processed potatoes as opposed to imports, and there was little to no awareness for the products in this space.

Dangi foods ltd was established as a result, to produce the best frozen French fries from the readily available raw materials sourced from Jos (plateau state) with emphasis on high quality, better yield, strong health benefits and most importantly we employed an affordable and competitive pricing strategy, which will in turn limit the volume of imports in an already saturated market space.

With a great sense of pride and national identity we introduce to Nigeria in particular and Africa at large, the first indigenous potato processing food company and our flagship product (frozen French fries).

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Dangi Foods
  • Plot No.CP 200, Centre B Layout