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Dow Agrosciences (Dow Chemical Company)


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Dow AgroSciences LLC, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, is a top-tier agricultural company providing innovative agrochemical and biotechnology solutions globally. Dow AgroSciences is acquired by Corteva Agriscience.
Dow Agrosciences also develops and offers seeds for healthier (frying) oils.
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The [C88] potato has become so popular that in some regions, ‘Cooperation 88’ has actually become synonymous with, or even replaced, the Chinese word for potato
Junio 30, 2014

'Open Source' seed released to nurture patent-free food

An ‘open-source’ seed initiative has released 36 varieties of 14 food crops, which the project’s leaders say could help poor farmers get access to better quality seeds.
 Dow AgroSciences Opens new Research and Development Center
Abril 18, 2013

Dow AgroSciences Opens new Research and Development Center

Executives from The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) and Dow AgroSciences were joined by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence last week at a Research &Development (R&D) expansion ribbon-cutting event for a new 175,000 square foot R&D facility at Dow Agr...
Noviembre 07, 2012

No GM Food labeling in California: Proposition 37 voted down

California voters have decided they can live without labels on genetically modified food. This means the state will not be at odds with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s policy of not labelling GM foods, which goes back more than two decade...
The new logo of Dow AgroSciences
Octubre 01, 2012

Dow AgroSciences logo now includes the red 'Dow Diamond' as part of a new brand identity launched today.

Dow AgroSciences introduced a new brand and visual identity today, the culmination of a major brand transformation the company has undertaken over the past year.