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Flensted was established in 1966 by Ole Flensted, a visionary entrepreneur in Denmark. Two years later, the company moved from Copenhagen to Skovlund in Western Jutland, where Flensted still has its headquarters.

Besides Flensted A/S, which produces potato products, the group consists of Flensted Snitgrønt A/S, which produces fresh shredded vegetables, Ole Flensted AB, which produces and sells potato products in Sweden, Holzmann Feines vom Land GmbH, which markets Flensted’s potato products in Austria, and Flensted GmbH, which is responsible for sales in the German market.

In July 2008 Danish media reported Flensted to be taken over by Wernsing Feinkost.
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 Ole Flensted
Julio 29, 2008

Wernsing Feinkost buys Danisch French Fry manufacturer Flensted

According to reports in the Danish media, Wernsing Feinkost has bought the Danish French fry manufacturer Flensted. Accumulating losses at the Danish french fry manufacturer Flensted, made a buyout inevitably, with multiple companies said to be interes...