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Frixx (Caucasus chips)

FRIXX is a unique, yet world-class brand of Georgian packaged snacks. Georgian snack brand FRIXX appeared on Georgian market at the end of March 2015. Thanks to the local raw materials and European standards, the product is distinguished by its unique taste, high quality and production technology.

In the beginning, the newcomer company had to overcome many obstacles to gain the trust of consumers. Constant focusing on further development and reflecting on consumers’ feedback enabled FRIXX to continue successful positioning on Georgian market. One can meet it almost all across Georgia.

FRIXX is created for cheerful young people who like having fun. The brand’s leading product is chips, made by Georgian potatoes. FRIXX is a combination of several words: [Free + Fries + Freaks]. There are Caucasus Mountains depicted on the logo as Frixx is aimed to be exported and to become the favourite chips brand of all Caucasus countries.

FRIXX own potato fields are located in Bolnisi and Marneuli municipalities. In addition, the brand actively supports and works closely with Georgian contractor farmers to receive the best raw materials.
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