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gimMe Snacks

Based in Northern California, gimMe is the pioneering healthy snack brand that harvests and curates the world’s best tasting, healthy organic seaweed-based snacks. gimMe‘s seaweed is grown organically, thoughtfully, and sustainably in in agriculturally protected regions off the South and West coasts of Korea- ensuring superior nutrition and delicious taste.

GimMe was founded by visionary food entrepreneurs Annie Chun and Steve Broad who, in 2012, recognized an opportunity to adapt a traditional yet convenient and healthy Korean favorite to a healthy snack in flavors that would entice American palates.

Annie and Steve’s vision, combined with their expertise gained in building the most successful Asian inspired packaged food brand, Annie Chun’s, has led to gimMe becoming the #1 seaweed snack brand driving the growth of the entire category.

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gimMe Snacks
  • 2173 Francisco Blvd East, Suite A, 2nd Floor
    San Rafael, CA 94901
    Estados Unidos