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Gramybel is a manufacturer of potato granules and potato flakes for the snack and food service industry, established in 2002. Gramybel is a subsidiary of Mydibel S.A., a manufacturer of frozen fries and potato specialities since 1988.

Gramybel produces a wide assortment of specialities and also ready mixes of granules and flakes with several ingredients.
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Artist impression of new production site for Mydibel (Chilled French Fries)
Octubre 01, 2019

New production site for Mydibel for the production of chilled french fries

The Service Public de Wallonie has granted a building permit for 'Mydibel Fresh', a new plant in Mouscron for the production of chilled french fries. The construction of Mydibel Fresh is part of the company’s strategy of sustainable development.
Mydibel photovoltaic panels
Agosto 06, 2014

Mydibel Group installs 2 ha photovoltaic panels at Gramybel location

Mydibel Group, manufacturer of fresh and deep-frozen potato products and dried potato flakes and granules, has invested in the construction of 2 ha of photovoltaic panels - the largest industrial solar field in private hands in Wallonia
Mydibel Group invests in new state-of-the-art potato grading area in Mouscron
Junio 30, 2014

Mydibel Group invests in new state-of-the-art potato grading area in Mouscron

Mydibel Group, manufacturer of chilled, frozen and dehydrated potato products, is investing 5,2 million euros in its processing plant in Mouscron, Belgium. A fully-automated potato sorting process is being implemented in a new, state-of-the-art potato grading area.