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Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

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InteliGro, a prominent Crop Solutions Company in South Africa, is recognized for its holistic approach to agriculture industry. The company is dedicated to prioritizing the sustainability and success of growers, striving to optimize and protect crops to yield high-quality outputs.

InteliGro achieves this through specialized plant nutrition, soil and root health recommendations, integrated crop management, a biological approach, and robust professional technical support. With a team of certified crop advisors, experienced technical specialists, and strong partnerships with top-quality suppliers, InteliGro is well-positioned to offer expert advice, scientifically based insights, and comprehensive crop solutions.

The company maintains a forward-looking perspective, keeping a strong focus on future food safety and security in South Africa, showcasing its commitment to long-term agricultural sustainability and productivity.

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Monitoring improves potato tuber moth control
Septiembre 23, 2021

Monitoring improves potato tuber moth control

Potato tuber moth can be a potato producer’s nightmare. Fortunately, InteliGro’s extremely effective monitoring system not only help to control this pest successfully but allows producers to manage risks and reduce input costs over time.