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Newtec is a leading manufacturer of weighing, packing, and sorting machinery primarily for the fruit and vegetable industry. With more than 20,000  (with 1/3 of them being in the potato sector) successful installations over the last 45 years, they have maintained their position as a reputable worldwide company.

Businesses converting their packhouses from manual labour to machine automation can, evidently, expect a large reduction in labour costs. With Newtec machines, however, cost savings go much further than this. When investing in Newtec's multihead weighing machines, you will benefit from the machines’ high accuracy levels.

This precision keeps product giveaway at an absolute minimum, boosting profits. Also, the high speed of the multihead weighing machines guarantees high output for busy packhouses looking to get fresh products weighed, packaged and out of the door quickly.

Newtec machines ensure a quick return on investment and will continue to perform consistently and efficiently throughout their lifetime. Did you know that Newtec machines are reliable for years to come because the stainless steel construction and excellent mechanical design make them extremely durable?

Newtec is synonymous with quality, and machines are built to last using only the best materials and latest technologies within the software, automation and mechanical engineering. They have the experience and know how to grow your business.
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Newtec's wide range of weighing machines

At Newtec, they pride themselves on the ability to design solutions that meet customer's specific needs by combining their machines and the latest technology in new and innovative ways.

Newtec packing machines for wicketed bags handle various bag sizes and products. They are reliable and easy to maintain. The high capacity of the packing machines does not exclude gentle product handling. Newtec packing machines are all developed with focus on gentle product handling.

Newtec's packing machines

Their packing machines for wicketed bags are available with one or two filling stations, depending on the required input. Newtec offers several customised versions with special features for different kinds of products, such as potatoes, carrots, apples, onions, citrus, etc.

In addition to packing machines for open punnets, Newtec also manufactures packing machines for square and triangular clamshell punnets. These are designed in various types according to product, speed and capacity requests.

With their flexible dispenser systems and punnet conveyors with adjustable flight distance, their flexible packing machines, model NBM and model HSCF, handle a broad range of packaging types and sizes. You save valuable downtime minutes with their quick changeover for various container sizes.

Their packing machines ensure gentle product handling with low drops. To ensure a smooth and efficient operation, They always test their customers’ packaging before delivery.

Newtec Office

  • quality machinery
  • easy maintenance
  • user-friendly software
  • flexibility & endless options
  • a streamlined production
They can help you optimise your production and improve your bottom line.
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