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Preziosi Food

Preziosi Food is an Italian manufacturer of sweet and savory snack products.

Sweets are sold branded 'Dolci Preziosi' and Savory snacks are marketed branded 'Salati Preziosi'.

The products Salati Preziosi are made at the establishment Preziosi Food Ltd. (Melfi - PZ), which occupies an area of about 12,000 square meters and, thanks to first-class facilities, is able to supply about 400,000 bags of product per day.

The company offers the following details about its manufacturing capabilities on its website (retrieved December 2016):
  • Chips Line frying chips: 1800 kg / h
  • Extrusion Production line: 650 kg / h
  • Popcorn Production line: 250 kg / h
  • Crunchy Line production: 250 kg / h
  • Frying Pellets Line: 300 kg / h
  • Kettle cooking line: 250 kg/h
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Preziosi Food
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