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Talachin Agro-Industrial Company

Talachin is a manufacturer of potato chips and French fries from Iran. Products are sold in the middle east under the brandname Bato.

Talachin is one of the more advanced processors of potato chips and French fries in the Middle East. It is a major supplier of frozen potato product to restaurant and consumer.

Talachin Agro-Industry Company (P.J.S) , is an independent operating company which was established in 2000 . At over 500,000 square meter land and 43,000 square meter building in Abyek-Qazvin, Talachin facility is one of the largest in the area.

Talachin facility is capable of producing more than 6 Ton/hr French fries and 2 Ton/hr potato chips and its strategy is becoming market leader in supply of potato-based product in Iran.

Talachin processing lines are manufactured with the latest technology and automated machines of Europe. Both lines are equipped with Automatic defect removal system (optical sorter) which improved product quality and increased profits by eliminating blemishes from product on high-speed production lines.
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Talachin co.
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