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Technico Agri Sciences Limited

Technico Agri Sciences Limited a wholly own subsidiary of ITC Limited, commenced operations in March 1999 to produce high yielding, early generation Seed Potatoes for India and neighbouring export markets.

Introducing new Technology to produce the initiating seed propagule the world’s largest Technituber® seed production facility was constructed in Himachal Pradesh in 1999 with a capacity to produce up to 18.00 million Technituber® seed per annum.

These seeds are being used to implement a limited field seed multiplication program of 3 years , reducing the current field practices by as many as 4 years. Technico’s presence in the Indian market is bringing significant quality and speed benefit to the seed potato industry in the region.

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Technico Agri Sciences Limited
  • SCO 835, 1st & 2nd Floor
    NAC Manimajra 160101