Solapas principales

Vasant Impex

Native Potato Starch

Solapas principales

vasant implex's main business is potato supply and they buys starch from chips and french fries.

They have strong alliances and relationships with farmers and vendors from India since 2009, They have comprehensive range of high quality agricultural food products (Fresh Potato Potato Starch).

They believe the best quality of materials with competitive prices and a structure for timely delivery of the products will help them to maintain good relations in the International market.

They   supply potatoes all over in India and Export all types of  potato varieties including Special Chips(Crisping) Potatoes, French fries potato,. Table Potatoes.

They are buyers of recovered Potato Starch in Wet Dry condition, and they provide contractual job work for recovering starch from Potatoes as per customer requirement, also we have wast experience in this field regarding market of Starch.

Potato Starch to be recovered from below production line : 1) Potato Chips  2) French Fries

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