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VHM Machinery


Solapas principales

VHM Machinery designs and builds smart, high-quality machines for industrial agriculture and manufacturing.

With a background in technology, mechanical engineering, agriculture, and industry, VHM develops smart and cost-saving systems for every product and every situation.

Turnkey projects are realized in close collaboration with other parties in special construction.

Technical drawings, construction, welding, and repair work are also part of the wide range of services that VHM has under one roof.

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Dutch Potato Packer Gets Complete Box Emptying Line
Octubre 13, 2020

Dutch Potato Packer Leo de Kock installs Complete Box Emptying Line

VHM Machinery has installed several machines at Leo de Kock. There's not only a fully automated box emptying line, there's also an all-in-one system including a BigBag unloading system, crate filler, and automatic sampling system.