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 Dynamic Cloud Control Steamer FTNON
Julio 06, 2010
To the potato specialties belong a wide range of products, shapes and flavours, for example hash browns, specialty cuts, snacks and potato puree. The core process of many potato specialties consists of a blanching, cooling and cooking line. In most cases the products are being cooled down after cooking, and mixed with flavours and herbs or granules. After that, they are being formed or dosed and often fried. The innovative blanching, cooling and cooking processes of FTNON are specifically designed to ensure that the product’s natural characteristics are maintained, with a high degree of control.
Dynamic Cloud Control system (DCC system)
In case of cooking potatoes, the FTNON Dynamic Cloud Control or DCC system®  can be applied. By virtue of the patented steam control system it is possible to cook with the lowest possible consumption of energy. Practical experience shows that by using the FTNON DCC system® energy savings of between 30% and 90% are achieved.
Customers are tremendously enthusiastic about the results. Not only because of the considerable reduction of energy consumption, but also in respect of the quality of the product.
How it works
Most steam cookers are regulated on a temperature of around 100-105° C. In order to be sure that the steamer is fully filled with steam, an excess amount of steam is brought in. This excess amount of steam is carried away at the in- and outfeed side of the steamer and is exhausted to the ambient surroundings by means of a ventilator. This causes the well-known steam losses. The new concept is based on the intelligent use of difference in density between atmospheric steam and air, the so-called Dynamic Cloud Control System®. In combination with the correct construction of the cooker, a balanced and 100% steam atmosphere will be created automatically. Steam losses are then history.
Suitable for New and existing steamers

In case you are using a belt steamer, a belt blancher, a screw cooker or a comparable steaming process, you will be able to save on energy considerably. For the right working of the system, the infeed and outfeed openings of your steamer are being adjusted in a simple way. Experience shows that the costs for adjustment of the steamer are very acceptable. For already realised projects the return on investment time varies from 0.5 till 1.5 years.
This new concept can be applied for existing steamers as well as for new steamers, independent of which type of steamer (belt or screw) is used. 
Skin-on potatoes
Leaving skin on potatoes during cooking is an excellent way to conserve their nutrients. At this moment, there is an increasing demand for these potatoes which are not peeled, but steamed with skin. The FTNON DCC system®  is also very suitable for steaming skin-on potatoes.