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Erwin and Fons Tummers proudly present the new logo
Noviembre 18, 2014

Tummers is expanding and renewing.

Recently we acquired new facilities for our subsidiary Tummers Food Processing Solutions and our subsidiary “Plaatbewerking”, specializing in sheet metal fabrication. This was necessary because our workload is growing and our facilities were not spacious enough. The project of rebuilding, moving and reorganizing will be finished next spring and we will update everyone at Anuga FoodTec.

For the Interpom | Primeurs we'd like to update you on 4 themes: cutting systems, washing/destoning, complete potato flakes lines and the Tummers rebranding

Cutting Systems

The first theme is cutting. Tummers cutting systems are doing very well and we are pleased to see that our customers are happy with the results of the machinery.

At the Interpom | Primeurs we intend to display some parts of a large cutting line which was recently sold.

Tummers Hydro cutting line



The second theme is washing. We are proud to announce that this year we have sold the 250th washer/destoner, since we acquired the system in 2006! We have successfully improved the system to its current state of the art design which has proven itself over and over again on a wide range of products. With a maximum capacity of 160 ton/hr for potatoes and an excellent uptime, we are happy with the recent results of the machines, which are placed worldwide.
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A Tummers KW-700 Washer/Destoner ready for delivery

Potato Flakes Lines

The third theme is on potato flakes. This year has been record breaking for Tummers and we are pleased to show everyone a glimpse of our specialty: the potato flake line.
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Overview of a Tummers potato flakes line

We will be displaying a puree pump system of a recently sold potato flake line. We have recently built a demonstration pump which is used in field tests to show the benefits in real life production.

Visit our stand (#145) to find out more about our specialty.
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A Tummers Potato Flakes Line - installed

Tummers Rebranding

And the last theme will be all about the rebranding of Tummers. We have introduced our new logo and “new colours” and are in the midst of changing our documentation and plan on finishing this for Tummers Food Processing Solutions on the Interpom | Primeurs

New logo Tummers Food Processing Solutions

Join us at Interpom | Primeurs, stand 145

So come visit us on our stand to check out our equipment, developments and new logo while enjoying a drink and snack with us.