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Engie Refrigeration presents its 'Mechanical Ventilation Only' Potato Storage system at Interpom | Primeurs

ENGIE Refrigeration's Mechanical Refrigeration Only Potato Storage System results in a longer storage life, less than 3% dehydration and substantially lower energy costs.

Noviembre 17, 2018
For a long time, the agricultural sector depended on the outside air for drying and cooling crops. Due to climate changes, arable farmers are no longer able to get their products through the winter without compromising on quality.

ENGIE Refrigeration has developed a storage system with entirely mechanical refrigeration, which allows maintaining the same storage conditions throughout the year. An innovate manner of entirely mechanical refrigeration within a closed environment.

The result? A longer storage life, less than 3% dehydration and substantially lower energy costs. In other words, more profit.

Cooling capacity automatically adjusted to the cooling demand

This innovative refrigeration system is entirely mechanical and integrated, and is used in a closed environment. The minimum percentage of outside air used, is used to monitor the CO2 value within the storage location.

The system monitors the air quality in the storage location and adjusts the cooling capacity to the cooling demand during the storage process.

During each stage – refrigeration, wound healing, storage and heating up – of the product process, the system will select an optimal storage programme with the adequate humidity and temperature.

Thus, the quality of the product does not depend on the outside air, but the farmer has full control over the quality.

Minimal drying losses

Henk Tebben, project leader of ENGIE Refrigeration:
“The drying and cooling of horticultural crops is a very precise process during which continuous monitoring is indispensable.”

“For an optimal harvest, monitoring and maintaining the temperature during the different storage phases are crucial.”

“At our Client Borgmann, we have seen that this results in the product drying out significantly less. Normally, this is some 10%, while with this innovation, we even achieved a reduction to less than 3%.”

“This means a higher weight and quality of the harvest, and thus a higher profit.”

Lower energy costs, longer storage time

Henk Tebben:
“We are conducting extensive research into the most ideal conditions for the storage process of potatoes and onions using mechanical refrigeration. For this purpose, we are working together with Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten.”

“The result of the research will be used in the development of our innovative refrigeration system.”

“At our Client Borgmann, we have seen that this system offers many more benefits. Not only did he manage to minimise the drying out of his potatoes thanks to this method, he also reduced his energy bill by 50%. Furthermore, the mummification of damaged or rotten potatoes results in more good potatoes. They are no longer affected by bad ones.”

“Thanks to this, and because of the longer storage life of his products, he has managed to increase production by some 30%. Count your profits!”

Mechanical refrigeration means longer storage life

Not only for potatoes and onions, but also for carrots, celery, cabbage, endive, apples and pears we build tailor-made storage concepts, allowing you to store your products longer without loss of quality.

From entirely mechanical to a combination of mechanical refrigeration with outside air. Would you like to learn more about mechanical refrigeration in general, then visit Innovation: sustainable refrigeration with significantly higher yield.

Interesting tax advantages for sustainable mechanical refrigeration

From 2022 onward, it is no longer allowed to build new refrigeration systems that use synthetic refrigerants. Our research department conducts ongoing research into suitable and safe applications of natural refrigerants in both small and large systems.

The safe use of natural refrigerants requires a high level of technical knowledge and expertise.

Companies that invest in refrigerated storage with natural refrigerants are eligible for the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA). For agricultural businesses, this can result in significant benefits.