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Wilde Brands Disrupts Protein Snack Category (Again) with Launch of First-Ever Pork Chip

Wilde Brands Introduces New Pork Chips

Salty, crunchy snacks have long been relegated to the sidelines – something to consume while watching television from the couch, movies in theatres, or games from the stands. But what if someone did it differently? What if someone was able to reinvent the salty snack space and make it about living life, not watching it? Welcome to the world of Wilde Brands.

Wilde is the story of an impossible snack made possible through relentless innovation and never taking no for an answer. The company continues its rule-breaking trajectory with the launch of their new line of Pork Chips - a first-of-its-kind protein chip made from 100% premium pork meat.

Far from a pork rind, this exciting new offering to the protein-based snack category has a thin, crispy texture, 10g of protein per serving and will make your mouth go hog wild with four uniquely delectable flavors:

Golden Mustard BBQ

Classic Carolina tang in ever crunchy bite! With a delicious BBQ pork flavor and a mustard zing, take the southern cookout on your next incredible adventure.

Sweet Chipotle

Smoky chipotle heat with just the right amount of sweetness. Bold enough to satisfy your Wilde side and balanced enough for any occasion.

Black Pepper Bacon

Crispy, Peppery bacon in a thin & crispy chip. Sorry potato chips, you're now officially the most boaring snack on the shelf.

Chili Lime Verde

Spicy Chili Verde with just a hint of zesty lime.

Jason Wright, Cofounder & CEO of Wilde Brands:
"Whole Foods pioneered the protein-based snack set, allowing consumers to find high-end pork rinds, egg white puffs and Wilde Chips in one area."

"This strategy has proven very effective and large chains like Kroger and Sprouts are now developing their own protein-based sets. This presents an opportunity to grow the entire protein-based snack category for all players, and we believe our new Pork Chips will be a solid addition to the aisle."
Wilde Brands first broke the chip barrier when they ditched the potato and transformed 100% all-natural chicken breast into a delicious, crave-able chip. Both the chicken and pork chips are the first-ever thin and crispy chips made from real protein and deliver all 9 essential amino acids. Made with a few simple ingredients, Wilde Chips are keto friendly, gluten-free, grain free and paleo certified.

The new Pork Chips ($4.99 SRP) will be available nationwide at Whole Foods and wildebrands.com in March 2021 and at Sprouts in April 2021. Future store announcements will be communicated through the brand's social channels.