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Estonian farmers start cereal, potato harvest

Estonian farmers start cereal, potato harvest

Farmers in Central Estonia have started the cereal and potato harvest. Despite the cool spring and dry summer, this year's results are good. Potatoes from the Rebase Farm near Aravete have already reached the market, Friday's "Aktuaalne kaamera" reported.

Piia Tiigemae, the owner of Rebase Farm:
"We have our own clientele who already know that you can get good potatoes from here, and we go to the markets to sell them ourselves."
Tiigemae is also forecasting a good apple harvest, which is the farm's main stock.

Piia Tiigemae:
"They are growing beautifully."
Farm co-owner Meelis Tiigemäe said the drought did not stop the crop and rain fell at the right time. Harvesting of early winter barley also started this week, AK reported.

This year crops are grown on 371,000 hectares across Estonia, 1 percent more than last year. Almost half of the area is given over to wheat, less than a third for barley, 11 percent for oats and 4 percent for rye.
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