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Plus Dutch Supermarket

Potatoes from Dutch supermarket chain PLUS standard organic

Septiembre 28, 2023
PLUS's Dutch range of unprocessed potatoes will become completely organic. As of today, the unprocessed potatoes in 1 kilo bags are standard organic. And again without increasing the price.
Solynta's harvesting season is in full swing!

Potato harvesting of the test plots of Solynta in full swing!

Septiembre 28, 2023
Here is a sneak peek into one of the many test fields Solynta is currently harvesting. They will be assessing the quality of the tubers, tuber size, dry matter composition, taste, robustness and many other important traits per variety.
Red Potatoes

Potatoes are getting cheaper in Moldova, due to import from the Ukraine

Septiembre 28, 2023
Since last week, the level of wholesale prices for potatoes began to decline on the Moldovan market; the product fell in price by an average of 14% to 6 LEI0/kg (USD 0.33/kg).
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Harry Tinson, General Manager at HarvestEye

Ag sensor company HarvestEye appoints Harry Tinson as its new general manager

Septiembre 27, 2023
Crop Insights tool HarvestEye has announced the appointment of Harry Tinson as its new general manager, bringing to the team expertise in global B2B sales from across the engineering and transport sectors.
Agrico office

Agrico acquires seed potato activities Royal ZAP

Septiembre 27, 2023
Agrico acquires Royal ZAP’s seed potato activities. By means of this acquisition, Agrico has taken a step towards expanding its acreage, in order to meet demand.
Growing Nitrogen: Plants like this vetch plant with long roots can produce lots of nitrogen once they become established.

Start growing your own nitrogen

Septiembre 27, 2023
Four studies released from 2019 to 2023 by the University of Illinois show that on average, 67% of nitrogen found in corn comes from sources occurring in the soil. Researchers labeled nitrogen fertilizers applied with N15 to identify naturally occurring nitrogen vs. synthetic nitrogen.
Newly hired Fort Fairfield Town Manager Tim Goff (left) listens as Dan Foster, outgoing interim town manager, address the council Wednesday, Sept. 20. (Courtesy: The Star-Herald)

Fort Fairfield, Maine hopeful to welcome a Potato Chip Plant, Awaiting Development Decision

Septiembre 27, 2023
Although in its early stages, the proposal to set up a potato chip plant has gained approval from Fort Fairfield town officials and holds the potential to rejuvenate the local economy, which has suffered from the closure of major industries and businesses in recent years.
Newtec Cost Efficient Weighing /Packaging line

Newtec will showcase their weighing solutions at PPMA 2023

Septiembre 26, 2023
Newtec, a leading innovator in the field of industrial automation and weighing, sorting and packing technology
TNA demonstrates project management capabilities, delivering two high-capacity potato lines to Egypt’s premier national organisation NSPO: one for Hash Browns and Rosti, another for French Fries and wedges.

TNA supplies two complete lines for the production of French Fries and Potato Specialties to the Egyptian Army

Septiembre 26, 2023
TNA solutions, a global leader in integrated food processing and packaging solutions, has implemented a ground-breaking project for the Egyptian Army.
McCain the Hot Potato Podcast

McCain Foods has launched a new podcast, the 'Hot Potato', stressing the importance of regenerative agriculture

Septiembre 26, 2023
Potato processor McCain Foods has launched a new podcast, 'Hot Potato'. This inspirational series explains what regenerative agriculture in and why it is important. You learn where the food industry is heading and why a transition to sustainable farming is required to prevent climate change. Collaboration is essential to get this done.
Snack A Jacks Bagless Multipacks

Walkers introduces 'Bagless' multipacks for Snack A Jacks to reduce plastic use

Septiembre 25, 2023
PepsiCo is trialling new multipack packaging for their Snack A Jacks range. Packs on shelves in Tesco stores across the United Kingdom will now use 86% less plastic on their outer packaging when compared with the previous multipack design.
5 reason to skip fall tillage

Five reasons to skip fall tillage

Septiembre 25, 2023
Moving away from reliance on tillage is a tough change to make. Sure, there are times when tillage could be considered.


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