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FAO celebrates the International Day of Potato 2024 on 30 May, 2024 with a special and an high-level event with launching theme as,"harvesting diversity feeding hope".

This is an inaugural celebration which will take place from 14:30 p.m-17:30 p.m, being held at FAO Headquarters and online.The spotlight is the potato, Solanum tuberosum (L.) – a crop regularly consumed by billions of people. Potatoes are a key crop across diverse farming systems globally, ranging from smallholders producing diverse heirloom varieties by hand in the Andes, to vast commercial, mechanized farms in different continents. Potatoes contribute to the food security and nutrition as well as and livelihoods and employment of people in rural and urban areas the world over.

The Day is an opportunity to build on the International Year of the Potato, which was observed in 2008. The observance will also be used to underscore the importance of the crop to combating hunger and poverty and addressing environmental threats to agrifood systems.

The roles of small-scale family farmers, a significant proportion of whom are women, in safeguarding the wide spectrum of the crop’s diversity, will also be recognized, while the cultural and culinary dimensions of the crop’s cultivation and consumption will be celebrated.

The day will bring together ministers, experts, and communities from around the world to spotlight the potato's vital role in enhancing nutrition, ensuring food security, and supporting sustainable agricultural practices.

Join them for a day of insightful discussions, dive into their 'Get Involved guide' to learn more about how you can contribute to promoting sustainable development through potatoes.

Let's come together to appreciate the global impact of potatoes on this significant day!

For complete details on the event's program, please visit International Day of Potato: harvesting diversity feeding hope

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