Hort Connections 2024

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Hort Connections 2024 will be held in Melbourne, following a highly celebrated Hort Connections 2023 in Adelaide.

Hort Connections 2024 will again adapt to the horticulture industry’s ever-changing needs, and will offer plenty of networking opportunities, champion the trade show, and host the National Awards for Excellence 2024 on Wednesday 5 June.

Hort Connections speakers and exhibitors will showcase the latest research, technologies, and innovations to offer new perspectives on the future of Australasia’s horticulture industry.

Hort Connections has grown to a 3,000-delegate event and welcomes more than two times the number of growers than it did at the time of conception.

Join us as we gather in Melbourne to hold what will be the best opportunity of the year to expand your markets, and connect with current and prospective business partners, clients and peers.

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