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Variety Name: AmbraRights Holder | BreederPOTATO RESEARCH INSTITUTE KERKOVCountry of Origin Serbia and MontenegroYear of of introduction1954ParentageDUKE OF YORK x B 53
High yielding variety of attractive appearance. Tubers size early; excellent washing quality. Good resistance to environmental stress. Rather long dormancy period. Good storage capability. Low to medium specific gravity.

NOTE: plant in warm soil because of slow early development.

Utilization: no discoloration after cooking; tasty; very good for baking, boiling and steaming.

Chief Market: fresh market.

Why Ambra
  • Early maturity and tuberisation
  • Very attractive bright skin
  • Uniform tuber size and shape
  • Good storability

Botanical Features:
  • Plants: medium, semi-upright; stems weakly pigmented (located in leaf axils and upwards); nodes slightly swollen.
  • Leaves: medium green, semi-open; midribs and petioles weakly pigmented; slightly wavy margins; medium deep veins.
  • Terminal leaflets: medium ovate; tip acuminate; base cordate.
  • Primary leaflets: narrowly ovate; tip cuspidate; base cordate.
  • Secondary and tertiary leaflets: moderately numerous.
  • Flowers: medium profusion; white corolla; flower buds strongly pigmented; peduncle weakly pigmented.
  • Tubers: oval; smooth yellow skin; shallow eyes, predominantly apical; non prominent eyebrows; yellow flesh.
  • Sprouts: broad cylindrical; red-violet; base strongly pigmented, moderately pubescent; tip very weakly pigmented, strongly pubescent, closed habit.

Reaction to Diseases:
  • Immune: potato wart (race 1).
  • Resistant: golden nematode (Globodera rostochiensis Ro1, Ro4).
  • Moderately susceptible: common scab.
  • Susceptible: late blight.
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