Variety Name: GoldmarieRights Holder | Breeder: NORIKACountry of Origin: Germany AlemaniaYear of of introduction: Parentage: AGILA

Goldmarie is a very tasteful variety and have very yellow skin and flesh. Tubers are longoval shape. Tubersize are medium to big. Goldmarie have good resistance to leaf blight. Goldmarie have very good resistance against PMTV-virus (mop-top virus). Starch content is about 13-14 %, dry matter 19-20 %. Nematodes resistance to Ro1 and Ro4. Suitable for tablepotato and peeling industry.


  • Leaf development: Medium
  • Eye depth: Very shallow
  • Size of tubers: Medium
  • Yield: High
  • Washable: Yes
  • Irrigation necessary: No
  • Use: Firm cooking, Fresh market
  • Flesh colour: Yellow
  • Tubershape: Long-oval
  • Skin colour: Yellow
  • Dry matter content: Medium
  • Cooking type: Firm cooking
  • Resistance to PLRV (Potato leafroll virus): Medium resistant
  • Resistance to virus X: N/A
  • Resistance to virus Yn: Very resistant
  • Resistance to Late Blight (Leaves): Medium resistant
  • Resistance to Late Blight (tubers): Very resistant
  • Resistance to internal tuber defects: Medium resistant
  • Resistance to common scab: Very resistant
  • Resistance to virus A: N/A
  • Resistance to wart disease: Resistant
  • Nematode resistancy: Ro1Ro3

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