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SFW - Tapered Roll Sizer
Tapered Roll Sizer
Size your potatoes using the compact and easy to clean SFW tapered roll sizer
Heat and Control - Fastlane
Heat and Control Fastlane infeed conveyors offer Easy, safe and cost-effective delivery of a singulated stream of potatoes to multiple slicers.
SFW Even Flow Bins
Even Flow Bins
Southern Fabrication Works offers a range of even flow bins with a wide range of capacities an with multiple filling and discharge options, designed to create a smooth and consistent product flow
Dewulf TAT 1685 85 cm wide duo belt conveyor
TAT 1685 85 cm wide duo belt conveyor
La cinta transportadora duo TAT 1685 utiliza una cinta transportadora de 85 cm de ancho y tiene una longitud máxima de 16 m. Esta serie de cintas transportadoras se puede extender/retraer de forma fácil.
Vanmark Even Feeder Conveyor - 1415
Even Feeder Conveyor - 1415
The Even Feeder Conveyor 1415 Model efficiently and consistently meters and feeds dry product flow into your processing line – optimizing production rates and peeler performance.
MC 80 cm wide conveyor belts
MC 80 cm wide conveyor belts
Las cintas transportadoras sencillas MC 80 utilizan una cinta transportadora de artesa de 80 cm de anchura con una capacidad de más de 130 toneladas/h a una velocidad de cinta de 40 m/min. La velocidad máxima variable de la cinta es de 72 m / min.
FoodeQ Metal Detection Belt Conveyor
Metal Detection Belt Conveyor
The belt conveyor is equipped with a metal detection system that prevents that harmful metal parts enter the food chain.
FoodeQ Weigh Belt
Weigh Belt
FoodeQ builds every weigh belt exactly to their customer’s wishes and requirements. This ruggedized and maintenance-friendly conveyor system can not only move food products between processes on the production line over the required distance and – depending on the design – span height differences.


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