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Wyma Cyclone Destoner
Cyclone Destoner
La Despedregadora por Ciclon de Wyma separa suavemente las piedras de las hortalizas utilizando las diferentes densidades.
tna ultra-clean® OC 3
ultra-clean® OC 3
Florigo ultra-clean® OC 3 conducts separation of stones from root vegetables, including potatoes through a cyclone effect.
Tummers Washing line Destoner/Washer unit
Washing line Destoner/Washer unit
Tummers Washing line Destoner/Washer unit is a stainless steel machine combination for destoning and washing potatoes and tubers that was developed for 24/7 industrial use. Optionally the machine can be set up to separate floating parts (foliage and stalks) from your product.
Allround Potato Processing Line 450 series
Potato Processing Line 450 series
Potato Processing line with a washing area, polisher, shake grader. The washing area contains ​a Destoner when there is a lot of dirt coming along with the produce, destoners are the ideal machines.
With its KW Washing and Destoning Combo, Southern Fabrication Works offers a 3 in 1 solution to wash potatoes and several other types of produce and remove stones as well as floating debris. Shown is the KW 600 A
KW Washing and Destoning Combo
The KW Washer destoner is a thoughtful combination of a drum washer, destoner and tools to remove floating debris. The unit has several options to manage water level and flow, allowing customization to your local conditions and product(s)
Allround Potato Destoner machine D-110
Destoner machine
The Allround VP destoner machine is designed to remove​​ dirt and stones. When there is a lot of dirt coming along with the produce, destoners are the ideal machines. The machine can be integrated into a washing machine for an even cleaner end result.
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Tummers Washing line for the processing fruit and vegetables
Washing lines
Tummers offers washers/destoners with a capacity ranging from 15 tonnes/hr to 180 tonnes/hr and continues to develop for more efficiency and better quality.
Wyma Combi-System
Our Combi-System combines a Tank Destoner, Barrel Washer and Floating Debris Remover. Produce and stones are fed into the Tank Destoner.
tna ultra-clean® COMBO 3
ultra-clean® COMBO 3
Florigo ultra-clean® COMBO 3 is a 3-in-1 cleaning solution for de-soiling, de-stoning and washing root vegetables, including potatoes.
Wyma Flume Destoner
Flume Destoner
La Despedregadora por Canaleta de Wyma remueve piedras de su flujo de hortalizas para minimizar el daño a las hortalizas y al equipo en su línea de procesamiento.
Wyma Screen Piece Remover
Screen Piece Remover
Wyma's Screen Piece Remover effectively removes broken pieces, small stones and other debris from produce flow in a continuous process. It has a rotating screen with holes at a set size.
Wyma Tank Destoner
Tank Destoner
El Destructor de Tanques de Wyma ha sido diseñado para separar suavemente las piedras de los productos antes de los ciclos de lavado y preinspección.
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Vanmark Hydrolift Destoner
Hydrolift Destoner
The Hydrolift Destoner rinses and removes debris and rocks from product, while elevating it to the next step in your process.
Vanmark Automatic Rock Remover
Automatic Rock Remover
Effective Rock and Debris Removal Minimizes Equipment Damage.
Tolsma-Grisnich Samro Stone and Clod Separator
Samro Stone and Clod Separator
The stone and clod separator can remove stones and clods from a batch of potatoes, onions or other root vegetables with an accuracy of 95%.
Sormac Screw destoner SO
Screw Destoner SO
Sormac screw destoner can be used in conjunction with all root crops. The integration of this system into a processing line dramatically reduces the potential for extreme wear and tear to associated equipment further along the installation.
Cyclone Destoner
Cyclone Destoner
The Cyclone destoner removes stones and clay shells. The gradient of the funnel and the variable water flow determines the optimum result.
Tolsma - Grisnich Cleaning rollers and belts
Cleaning rollers and belts
Tolsma-Grisnich offers various solutions for cleaning the products to be processed. Grading and processing of clean products leads to higher efficiency and accuracy.


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