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    Kiremko KnifeGuard
    The KnifeGuard uniquely identifies each knife block and verifies that the correct combination of block and alignment tubes is used. Also keeps track of use and maintenance of each knifeblock.
    Intralox FMC Conveyor Program
    FMC Conveyor Program
    Optimize your conveyors, minimize your foreign material risk. Conveyor-related foreign material risk is preventable with optimized preventive maintenance, conveyor setup, and sanitation programs.
    Speciality Line
    NSSPL offers reliability, high quality, and turnkey solutions for the specialty line which can be installed along frozen french fry production lines or separately.
    Tummers Continuous sorter
    Continuous sorter
    Tummers Continuous sorter is an industrial stainless steel machine for custom sorting of potatoes and tubers. The machine is directly adjustable, which means that production can continue while adjusting the settings.
    Rosenqvists Slice Washer System
    Slice Washer System
    Rosenqvists Slice Washer System, a patented three-step washing system for optimal water use. When the potatoes are sliced, free surface starch is released and needs to be washed off.
    tna - Florigo ultra-peel® SSC 3
    Florigo ultra-peel® SSC 3
    Florigo ultra-peel SSC 3 is a cost-effective steam peeling solution for potatoes and other root vegetables with low maintenance costs, thanks to a minimum of wearing parts.
    TAG Industrial of Marcus & Millichap
    Rosenqvists Belt Dryer
    Belt Dryer
    The Rosenqvists Belt Dryer works on air with low temperature and high humidity that ensure even drying results of each strip. The Belt Dryer uses the counter-air-flow principle where the airflow covers the full width of the belts.
    Tummers Washing line Dry Soil remover
    Washing line Dry Soil remover
    Tummers Washing line Dry Soil remover is a stainless steel industrial machine for removing the soil from potatoes and tubers. This machine removes as much earth, stones, other contamination and undersized product as possible prior to washing.
    Kiremko Primary Oil Filter
    Primary Oil Filter
    The Primary Oil Filter filters the oil of an entire frying system, making sure the oil is clean and crumb-free. With the very narrow pass, the POF provides a better result than most other filters installed in this part of a processing line.
    tna - roflo® vibratory motion distribution conveyor VM 3
    Roflo® vibratory motion distribution conveyor VM 3
    tna roflo® VM 3 is a conveying system that moves product via vibratory motion.


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