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Premium Veggie Decker
Premium Veggie Decker
A mouthwatering, sumptuous veggie-potato bite, encapsulated in a crisp coating, decked with breadcrumbs is definitely the food lover’s heaven! Sure a blockbuster from their kitty.
Roasties (Hash Brown)
Roasties (Hash Brown)
Hash brown, the classic British favourite, has found its way to their breakfast platter. And they have innovated the classic by making a perfect Indian adaptation out of it. With mild onion flavoured seasoning, we bring you the Roasties!
Chilly Garlic Potato Shots
Chilly Garlic Potato Shots
The goodness of potatoes seasoned with the perfect dash of spice and garlic. This sinfully flavoursome filling is enveloped in golden, crunchy layer to bring you the very zesty and delicious Chilly Garlic Potato Shots! A total earner of 'Repeat Please!'
Herb Potato Patty
Herb Potato Patty
These are the nuclei component of the famous fast food, Burgers. They, at IBF just don’t leave it to the salads and sauce combinations to do the taste bud tickling in a burger.
Iscon Balaji Foods Aloo Tikki
Aloo Tikki
Their one of its kind Aloo Tikki is a combination of mashed potatoes, mild spices and condiments shaped to perfection. It can be relished as is with chutneys and sauces; and is best served with chickpea gravy
Potato Cheese Shots 1KG Mix
Potato Cheese Shots
The magic of finely blended potatoes, exotic herbs and cheese wrapped in crispy, golden coating of breadcrumbs, is bound to get a huge fan following. The explosion of warm, molten cheese in every bite is worth getting addicted to.
Contenido Patrocinado
Contenido Patrocinado
Contenido Patrocinado
Contenido Patrocinado
Herbed Potato Wedges
Herbed Potato Wedges
When your bite demands flavoursome chunkiness in a fry, nothing but their Herbed Potato Wedges would satiate your craving.
Tomfrost Small potatoes
Small potatoes
Tomfrost offers Small potatoes
Tomfrost Wedges skin on
Wedges skin on
Tomfrost offers Wedges skin on. This product is available in a range of formats for retail or foodservice.
Tomfrost Pommes duchesses
Pommes duchesses
Tomfrost Pommes duchesses
Tomfrost Noisettes
Tomfrost offers Noisettes
Tomfrost Diced potatoes
Diced potatoes
Tomfrost offers Diced potatoes
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Tomfrost Mashed potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Tomfrost offers Mashed potatoes
Tomfrost Onion rings
Onion rings
Tomfrost offers Onion rings
Tomfrost Gratin en portion
Gratin en portion
Tomfrost offers Gratin en portion
Tomfrost Pom pins
Pom pins
Tomfrost offers Pom pins
Tomfrost Patatas bravas
Patatas bravas
Tomfrost offers Patatas bravas
Tomfrost Croquettes
Tomfrost offers Croquettes


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