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Allround Shake grading line SG80 series
Shake grading line SG80 series
Shake Grading line sg80 series hand feed inspection on the roller inspection table
tna roflo® HM 3
roflo® HM 3
The tna roflo® HM 3 is a high-performance food conveyor system that handles products gently, yet efficiently, using a slow, forward horizontal motion, followed by a fast return horizontal motion.
tna quik-coat® MD 5
quik-coat® MD 5
tna quik-coat® MD 5 is the ultimate mandrel dispensing unit that applies a variety of free flowing ingredients consistently onto the top of products passing underneath. The tna quik-coat® MD 5 is custom configured for width and ingredients.
tna remote assist
remote assist
the tna remote assist digital support service enables immediate access to tna’s global expertise. Powered by the Microsoft HoloLens 2, tna remote assist allows users to connect directly with technicians, share what they see in real-time and receive precise instructions.
Idaho Steel Fry Line
Fry Line
Idaho Steel is active worldwide in designing, producing and installing complete processing lines, factory upgrades and individual machines for french fries.
Allround Horizontal Box Filler HBF 75
Horizontal Box Filler
Allround Horizontal Box Filler is designed to fill boxes of various sizes in the most product-friendly way possible. The machines are designed in such a way that the product damage is reduced as much as possible and to fill the box completely from sides as well.
Flo-Mech Continuous Peeler
Continuous Peeler
Flo-Mech's continuous abrasive potato peeler machine can process up to approximately 6 tonnes of potatoes per hour. Each roller in the potato peeling machine is driven separately.
This Pulsemaster's Pulsed Electric Field system is capable of treating up to 80 tons (176.000 lbs) of whole potatoes per hour for the production of French Fries.
Pulsemaster Conditioner Turnkey Industrial Pulsed Electric Field Solutions are complete, fully integrated and modular systems for either cell disintegration of solids or microbial inactivation of liquids on an industrial scale, built according to the customer’s production requirements.
Flo-Mech Flo-Pump Transfer System
Flo-Pump Transfer System
Flo Mech Pumping systems is designed to gently transfer product from A to B
Rosenqvists Patented Defatter
Rosenqvists patented Defatter has been proven to add value to many fried snack products by reducing the fat content by as much as 35% over typical levels.
​​Allround Box Unstacker BU 121-121
Box Unstacker
Allround box unstacker is designed to speed up the process of unstacking and can be easily added to existing lines. This process provides a logistic advantage by reducing forklift movements.
Allround Box Transport Unit BDU 121-121
Box Transport Unit
Allround box transport units are designed to speed up the process of box transport and can be easily added to existing lines. This process provides a logistic advantage by reducing forklift movements.

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Heat and Control Multizone continuous fryers are used to produce most of the world’s potato chips.
Multi-zone continuous Fryers
The Heat and Control Multi-Zone Potato Chip Fryers deliver the ultimate in processing flexibility. Used to produce most of the world’s potato chips, these fryers deliver superior product quality, clean operation and total reliability
TAV-Flavors Technologies SFS Heracles
Heracles Flavour Liquids and Solids system
Heracles es un equipo robusto y de alta capacidad, diseñado para producciones elevadas o para productos que son difíciles de aromatizar.
Heat and Control - Slurry On Demand Continuous Mixer
Slurry On Demand Continuous Mixer
The Slurry-on-Demand Continuous Mixer is a recipe-driven, tank-less, continuous mixer that automatically and accurately mixes seasonings and liquids into homogeneous, lump-free slurries in the desired quantity demanded downstream.
Rosenqvists Slice Washer System
Slice Washer System
Rosenqvists Slice Washer System, a patented three-step washing system for optimal water use. When the potatoes are sliced, free surface starch is released and needs to be washed off.
tna conti-pro® DAL 3
tna conti-pro® DAL 3
Florigo conti-pro® DAL 3 is a continuous dal frying system that features a product transport system that increases product quality while reducing product loss.
Allround Potato Shake Grading line SG80
Shake Grading line SG80 series
The Allround Shake grader is designed to grade potatoes according to their square size. The potatoes are fed to the top of the machine onto the top sieve. The sieves in the machine shake in sequential frequencies, which causes the potatoes to move along on the sieves.


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