SFW Mud Pump
Mud Pump
SFW Mud Pump is a severe-duty 'mud' pump for dirty abrasive water.
Allround Inspection Unit in Cabin
Inspection unit in cabin
The Allround​ Cabin inspection is used for manual sorting of the waste between the products. It allows you to pick out the rotten products and other waste, which can be disposed of onto the waste belt between the two belts.
Allround Inspection unit with rollers
Inspection unit with rollers
The Allround Roller inspection tables are designed for round products. This table allows you to manually select and inspect your products in comfort. The diameter of the rollers is 55 mm.
Intralox Series 1750 Flush Grid Belt, a superior solution for wet (potato) receiving lines
Series 1750 Flush Grid Belt
The new Intralox® Series 1750 Flush Grid belt takes abrasion resistance to a new level. It is a superior solution for use in the harsh conditions wet (potato) receiving lines.
Rosenqvists Star Wheel Frying System for Pellets
Star Wheel Frying System for Pellets
Rosenqvists Star Wheel Frying System for Pellets has 25 years of experience with the design. Their patented Star Wheel Fryer can ensure an exact frying time since each pellet falls to a separated space in the rotary fryer.
TD 250-12
Allround polishers are designed to polish produce. The TD (turning drum) machine consists of a rotating drum with counter-rotating brushes.
Kiremko Corda Invicta
Corda Invicta
With 30% less oil content, a 15% smaller factory footprint, a number of high-tech innovations and a lower Total Cost of Ownership than your current fryer, the Kiremko CORDA Invicta is leaps ahead in frying.
tna volumetric main-line seasoning system quik-coat® MLS 3
quik-coat® MLS 3
The tna quik-coat® MLS 3 is a volumetric main-line seasoning (MLS) system that continuously and accurately coats a variety of snacks products moving at a fixed rate through the production line.
Vultus Potato Suite
Potato Suite
With Vultus, farmers can make informed decisions about their potato crops and achieve maximum profits.
tna auto-splice 3
auto-splice 3
The tna auto-splice 3 system is an innovative solution that automatically joins a new film to an expiring film roll with no interruption to packaging line.
CEIA THS/MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector
THS/MS21 Metal Detector
Product demonstrations of the CEIA THS/MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector are now available from Heat and Control.
NSSPL Frozen French Fries Plant
Frozen French Fries Plant
Manufacturing the French fries and the frozen French fry do not have much difference. It differs only in the final part of frying and freezing. The frozen French fries take lesser time to fry than the fresh French fries.

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Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana - Hestia Smart Flavour Liquids and Solids system
Hestia Smart Flavour Liquids and Solids system
Hestia is a compact equipment for small and medium-scale production, designed to operate at the end of the production line.
tna multi-head weighers intelli-weigh® omega series
intelli-weigh® omega series
tna intelli-weigh® omega series of multi-head weighers was designed to provide a simple, yet efficient weighing process while running wet or dry applications.
NSSPL Sorting and Grading Lines
Sorting and Grading Lines
NSSPL sorting and grading lines are the most advanced sorting and grading lines for fruits and vegetables by sorting them by size, color, and weight. NSSPL also offers a washing treatment line
NSSPL Modified Atmoshpheric Cold Storage
Temperature Controlled Cold Storage
NSSPL offers turnkey solutions for all types of cold storages including civil and PEB works, based on customer requirements of cold storage, by creating and defining the industry through its in-house innovated and also world over available technologies.
Rosenqvists counter flow Multi Turbulent Blancher
Multi Turbulent Blancher
Rosenqvists counter flow Multi Turbulent Blancher is used in the potato chip process to reduce the sugar content of the potato strips. The frying process reveals the amount of sugar by darkening the color.
tna wet washdown VFFS system arctic® 3
wet washdown VFFS system arctic® 3
A vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) food packaging solution, the tna arctic®3 is constructed from anti-corrosive stainless steel, handles wet washdown cleaning and meets strict sanitary requirements.


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