Rosenqvists Defatter

Rosenqvists Patented Defatter

Rosenqvists Patented Defatter

The Rosenqvists Defatting System is ideal for potato chips, tortilla chips, extruded, and pellet-based snack products. Rosenqvists patented Defatter has been proven to add value to many fried snack products by reducing the fat content by as much as 35% over typical levels.

That is about a 10% reduction in gross oil content which translates into healthier products with great customer appeal. Thanks to the high-temperature steam process and advanced filtering, excess fat may be reused with no damage to quality.

The Defatter is designed for simple operation with automated control of steam temperature, oil filtration/ recovery, circulatory air pressure, and a variable-speed infeed system. Construction is of stainless steel with inspection panels and doors for easy access throughout.

Low maintenance features include a clean-in-place system and easy filtration element service. The process of Chips or other snacks is carried into the Defatter on a stainless steel mesh belt.

Rosenqvists patented Defatter uses an internal heat exchanger to heat the already hot steam up to 160-180 degrees. The hot steam consists of oil drops and must be filtered before it is blown on the product. This is possible with a specially designed filter, that not only removes the oil but also recovers it.

Chips or other snacks are carried into the Defatter on a stainless steel mesh belt. Steam is injected into the expansion chamber and forced through a heat exchanger, using steam or thermo oil, where it is superheated to 165-180 degrees C. The steam is then forced down through the product traveling on the belt through the Defatter.

Excess fat is removed from the surface of the product with the steam and is then directed through a filter system and pumped back to the frying system. The oil collection and filtration process occur in an oxygen-free enclosure to preserve the quality of the oil.
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DF0712 4200 4400 4000 1200 800 74 CF07 500
DF1012 5500 5000 4500 1200 800 90 CF10 660
DF1515 5500 5500 5000 1500 800 110 CF15 1000
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