Tummers Drum Dryer

Tummers Flake Drum Dryer

Tummers Flake Drum Dryer

Purpose and Operation

To dry potato mash a thin, perfectly distributed layer of the mash is introduced onto a heated cylinder (drum dryer) which evaporates excess moisture. This is followed by the next new layer of mash.

The process is repeated until the layer of the mash is sufficiently thick. The layer of potato mash is then scraped off and broken into smaller pieces (flakes) by the PreMillSifter attached to the drum dryer.

The drum dryer’s side seal ensures that maximum use is made of your product. There is a minimal amount of waste. The easily replaceable knife in the drum dryer guarantees a nice, even product.

Benefits Of Tummers Flake Line Drum Dryer

  • Minimal mash/puree loss
  • High production capacity (via in-house innovative drum technology)
  • Direct-drive operation limits idle time
  • With energy-saving Autotrax vapour hood