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Intralox Series 1750 Flush Grid Belt

Intralox Series 1750 Flush Grid Belt, a superior solution for wet (potato) receiving lines

The new Intralox® Series 1750 Flush Grid belt takes abrasion resistance to a new level. In harsh, highly abrasive applications, debris typically finds a way between the belt and the rod, where it causes wear. The S1750 Flush Grid belt is designed to address this problem. This makes this  belt a superior solution for use in wet potato receiving lines

The new semi-circle rod design of this belt uses next generation, abrasion resistant technology that synthesizes specific materials, geometries, and mechanisms to reduce damage and wear. The S1750 belt addresses high abrasion issues leading to short belt life, unscheduled downtime, low process reliability, and other issues common in tomato and potato receiving lines.

  • Ideal for highly abrasive loads and long production cycles
  • Designed for straight runs, inclines, and declines
  • Engineered to reduce downtime and lengthen belt life

  • Outperforms existing technologies in wet receiving applications
  • Linear and predictable pitch growth reduces unscheduled downtime
  • Reliably runs up to 6% elongation, depending on loading, before needing servicing

  • Harsh abrasive dewatering applications including raw or wet vegetable receiving and conveying
  • Straight runs, inclines, and declines
  • Replacing modular, rubber, or steel belts where performance does not meet operational requirements
Intralox Series 1750 Flush Grid Belt

Intralox Series 1750 Flush Grid Belt