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tna batch-pro® 12
batch-pro® 12
FOODesign batch-pro® 12 batch fries a wide selection vegetable chips including potato, taro, banana and plantain.
tna ultra-peel® ODC 3
ultra-peel® ODC 3
The perfect pair for its steam peeling counterpart, the tna ultra-peel ODC 3 is a dry de-skinning system with a difference.
Hanging promotional strip applicator trenza
tna trenza is a solution for attaching hanging strips to a variety of bag formats and sizes.
tna thermo-wash® HW 3
thermo-wash® HW 3
The tna thermo-washHW 3 is a potato hot washing system designed to overcome challenges associated with raw materials high in sugar, by lowering sugar content to below 0.2% ready for frying.
Tridis™ 240P
The FAM Tridis™ 240P is a tridimensional dicer, designed for the very demanding French fry industry.
tna quik-coat® MLS 3
quik-coat® MLS 3
The tna quik-coat® MLS 3 is a volumetric main-line seasoning (MLS) system that continuously and accurately coats a variety of snacks products moving at a fixed rate through the production line.
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tna auto-splice 3
auto-splice 3
The tna auto-splice 3 system is an innovative solution that automatically joins a new film to an expiring film roll with no interruption to packaging line.
tna ultra-clean® WT 3
ultra-clean® WT 3
Florigo ultra-clean® WT 3 removes clay shells, sand and soil from potatoes and other root vegetables without damaging them.
Flo-Therm® G4 SX Oil Heater
Flo-Mech Flo-Therm® G4 SX Oil Heater is a Direct Oil Heating Systems with Pollution Control
French Fry Lines
NSSPL’s French Fry Lines are designed with the latest technologies to produce efficient and reliable process lines. They offer reliability, high quality, and turnkey solutions for frozen french fry production lines.


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