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Intralox FMC Conveyor Program

Intralox FMC Conveyor Program

Intralox FMC Conveyor Program

Optimize your conveyors, minimize your foreign material risk. Conveyor-related foreign material risk is preventable with optimized preventive maintenance, conveyor setup, and sanitation programs. The FMC* Conveyor Program puts your facility on the path to sustained foreign material risk reduction.

The Program

The FMC Conveyor Program begins with an assessment of your critical conveyors by an Intralox® FoodSafe™Engineer and Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS) Food Safety Specialist.

Foreign material risk points are identified and discussed in real time. The information collected from the assessment is compiled, and the resulting action items are prioritized based on their level of risk.

The assessment is followed by an interactive workshop at your facility designed to align your team on the importance of preventive maintenance, conveyor setup, sanitation processes, and chemical compatibility in minimizing conveyor-related foreign material risk.

The workshop is customized with examples from your conveyor assessment. This hands-on approach will challenge your team to work together and solve conveyor-related issues—both independently and with support and guidance from their facilitators—to set them up for long-term success.