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This Pulsemaster's Pulsed Electric Field system is capable of treating up to 80 tons (176.000 lbs) of whole potatoes per hour for the production of French Fries.
Pulsemaster Conditioner Turnkey Industrial Pulsed Electric Field Solutions are complete, fully integrated and modular systems for either cell disintegration of solids or microbial inactivation of liquids on an industrial scale, built according to the customer’s production requirements.
Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana - Hermes Flavour Liquids and Solids system
Hermes Flavour Liquids and Solids system
Hermes es un equipo diseñado para la producción a gran escala debido a su robustez y tamaño, lo que le permite aplicar líquidos en polvo, sabores y sal simultáneamente.
Allround Box Fillers VBF 275-200-70
Box Fillers
Allround box fillers are designed to fill boxes of various sizes in the most product-friendly way possible. The machines are designed in such a way that the fall height is reduced as much as possible.
Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana - GoSync Accumulation Trays
Accumulation Trays
GoSync Vibradores optimiza las regulaciones de flujo del producto y homogeneizamos el caudal, utilizando
tolvas de acumulación según sea necesario.
tna conti-pro® PEL 3
conti-pro® PEL 3
Florigo conti-pro® PEL 3 is a pellet and specialty products frying system handling a wide range of pellet shapes and product shapes using a highly efficient frying process.
Allround Potato Storage Hopper SH 50-25-32
Storage Hoppers
The Allround Storage Hoppers are designed to act as a buffer in a processing line or between a processing line and a packing line. The Storage Hoppers are designed to be built in segments.
 Allround Even-flow hopper EF 100-0.7
Even-flow hopper
The Allround Even-flow hopper is used to dose the flow of product in a line. Mostly the Even-flow hopper is used in front of a Weighing machine or an optical sorter.
Heat and Control Oil Sweep De-oiling System
Oil Sweep De-oiling System
Heat and Control9-0 Oil Sweep De-oiling® system is custom designed for the French fry and potato products industry. We developed this innovative system as a solution which could help processors
Tummers Washing line Roller Dryer
Washing line Roller Dryer
Tummers Washing Line Roller Dryer ensures that after washing and destoning the moisture still present is removed from the potatoes or tubers without affecting the product characteristics.
Allround Potato Washing Line for Processing
Potato Washing Line for Processing
This line is designed to wash industrial potatoes. The principle is that a box is placed in the machine, which then slowly tilts the box so that a hopper or elevator is filled. This is line includes the washing machine U 500.
DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer
Diversa Cut 2110 A Dicers
The DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer offers a turnkey approach to processors. Available in 3 different models: DiversaCut 2110A Standard Dicer, NEW DiversaCut 2110A with Conveyor Discharge, and DiversaCut 2110A (LPI) Large Product Input.
Multi Zone-Chips Frying System
Multi-Zone Chips Frying System
Rosenqvists Food Technologies have designed the Multi-Zone Chips Fryer to give the final product the desired characteristics, for optimal control of the frying process.

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Kiremko KnifeGuard
The KnifeGuard uniquely identifies each knife block and verifies that the correct combination of block and alignment tubes is used. Also keeps track of use and maintenance of each knifeblock.
tna hydro-wash® SW 3
hydro-wash® SW 3
Florigo hydro-wash® SW 3 is a slice washing system that removes starch and collects full size potato slices in a single layer for even frying.
tna ultra-peel® ODC 3
ultra-peel® ODC 3
The perfect pair for its steam peeling counterpart, the tna ultra-peel ODC 3 is a dry de-skinning system with a difference.
SFW Food Pump
Food Pump
The Pomac CP-AGF program comprises a range of stainless steel pumps, suited for pumping potatoes, vegetables and fruits, without damaging them.
Southern Fabrication Works offers this compact unit for solids removal for (waste-)water treatment
Water Treatment (Solids Removal)
Solids handling system designed to work in conjunction with washing or other solid saturated water systems. This system can be sized and implemented to produce clean recirculated water where solids removal is required.
Tummers french fries line equipments
French Fries Line
Tummers Food Processing Solutions has built up extensive knowledge of potatoes as a raw material and the best methods for processing them.


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