Goodrich Cereals Potato Granules

Goodrich Cereals, Potato Granules

Goodrich Cereals, Potato Granules

Potato granules are precooked, dehydrated potatoes produced in particulate form consisting substantially of whole tissue cells or small aggregates of cells. The product is characterized by high bulk density and great convenience of preparation (requiring only a simple mixing with hot Liquid).

Like potato flakes, granules are prepared using top-quality sliced, cooked and dried potatoes. Additional production steps include the gentle mixing of the cooked potato mash with dry “add-back” granules to absorb moisture and yield a granular dried product with individual or small agglomerates of potato cells.

This granular structure increases the product’s bulk density and shipping economy; potato granules also reconstitute exceptionally well thanks to the cell-wall toughening that occurs during multiple cycles of cooking and partial rehydration involved in their production.

Recommended Uses 

Standard granules are popular with hospitals, schools, nursing homes and similar institutions for their economy and consistent quality. They’re suitable for use in nearly every application where standard flakes are used, including in the making of mashed potatoes.

In manufacturing, granules appear in extruded, dried, shred-like products such as hash browns; dry mixes for extruded fries and other shaped products; fried, baked and pelleted snack products like chips, sticks and crackers; flavorings and thickeners; and breading, soups and frozen dinner.


Add granules to boiling water and whip. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the dehydrated product you’re using, as rehydration specifications may vary.


  • Rehydrated Texture: Mealy; fluffy; similar to fresh mashed potatoes
  • Free Soluble Starch: Low
  • Viscosity: Low
  • Water Absorption: Low
  • Cell Damage: Low
  • Additive: Citric acid; optionally sodium bisulfite, BHT, sodium acid pyrophosphate; mono and diglycerides