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PPM VF Premier Vibratory Conveyor

PPM VF Premier Vibratory Conveyor

The PPM Technologies VF Premier (VFP) conveyor takes electromagnetic technology to new lengths, combining a traditional frame and leaf-spring design with the VF electromagnetic drive and controller, to allow for a larger stroke that suits heavier loads and higher speeds.

The VFP was designed with versatility in mind, engineered to accommodate a variety of applications from simple transfers to complex distribution lines.

The fully adjustable stroke and smooth start/stop action let you optimize your line capacity, and the VFP comes equipped with PPM’s patented feedback sensor that automatically adjusts the drive frequency to ensure production rates are never compromised.

With a 98% vibration isolation efficiency the VFP is impressively quiet, and it gives you a variety of installation options that include floor-mounting, ceiling-hanging and mounting to already existing sub-structures.

The VFP ensures gentle product handling, can be up to 20 feet in length, and is easily customizable with add-ons such as screens and gates. Add measurable value to your processing line with the VF Premier conveyor.
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VF Premier Vibratory Conveyor

VF Premier Vibratory Conveyor

The VF Line: An Industry Standard

PPM’s VF range of conveyors continue to be the reliable and proven workhorses of the food industry, after more than 30 years.

The versatile drive design allows a lineup of conveyors that suit a huge range of applications – from snack foods, nuts, baked goods, dried fruits and cereals to frozen and wet products.
Slide gate

Slide gate

Stroke indicator

Stroke indicator

Fiberglass springs

Fiberglass springs

VF Premier with ceiling-hanging option

VF Premier with ceiling-hanging option

Performance Highlights
  • Maximum reliability: Only two wear parts in the entire drive
  • Optimize product flow with adjustable stroke
  • Easy access for sanitation Simple, versatile operation
  • Easily customized to suit a variety of applications
  • Quick response time

Most Popular Applications
  • Transfer between processes
  • Distribution of heavy product: Even feed to wide freezers, ovens and dryers


  • Stainless steel

  • 5′ to 20′ (1,5m to 3,6m)

  • 18″ (457mm) to 48″ (1200mm)

  • 220-240V/60Hz/Single-phase
  • 220-240V/50Hz/Single-phase

  • Dewatering
  • Flared infeed
  • Peripheral discharge
  • Pneumatic gates
  • Proportional gates
  • Screening