SK Agri Exports Frysona

SK Agri Exports, Frysona potato variety

SK Agri Exports, Frysona potato variety

Frozen French fries are the most popular processed potato product throughout the world. India lacks a suitable potato variety for French fry production. The variety Kufri Frysona has been developed to fill this gap to provide suitable raw material to French fry industry.

Kufri Frysona produces attractive white oblong to long tubers with shallow eyes and white flesh. Kufri Frysona possesses high field resistance to late blight disease and keeps well under country storage conditions for over 8 weeks.

Morphological features
  • Canopy: Open
  • Stem: Green with purple pigment highly scattered throughout
  • Leaflet: Ovate-lanceolate
  • Flower: Red-viole
  • Tuber: White-cream, Long-oblong with shallow eyes and white flesh
  • Sprout: Red-purple

Agronomic features
  • Adaptability: North Indian plains
  • Maturity: Medium
  • Average yield potential: 300-350 q/ha
  • Storability: Good
  • Reaction to diseases/pests:
    • Early blight: not tested
    • Late blight: field resistant
    • Charcoal rot: not tested
    • Wart: immune
    • Viruses: not tested
    • Cyst nematodes: not tested
  • Consumer and processing quality: Easy to cook, texture waxy, flavour mild, free from after-cooking discoloration. High dry matter, low reducing sugars and low phenols. Suitable for making French fries