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tna Arcall cross band disc spraying system with conveyor intelli-spin® 700 series

Arcall intelli-spin® 700 series uses the spinning disc technology to provide accurate and consistent liquid and slurry application.

The Arcall intelli-spin® 700 was designed with the flexibility to fit on any production line and coat the tops, or the tops and bottoms, of your food products as they travel along a conveyor, using overlapping spinning disc spray patterns.

Standard features
  • Top spray with spinning discs (removable)
  • Integral wire mesh conveyor
  • Reservoir with integral filtration
  • Pump chamber
Optional features
  • Removable bottom spray with spinning discs
  • Rotating maintenance trolley
  • Double heads – for high throughput capability
  • Slurry application – features to maintain suspension in application
  • Glaze application – chilled features
  • Water jacket heating
  • Mist control
  • Cleaning aid
  • Integral PU belt conveyor
  • Out-feed conditioning conveyor
  • Out-feed cross conveyor
  • Cracker breaker
  • In-feed row breaker

Application: Application of liquid and slurry for the production of snacks.
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