Patatas fritas de 60 euros, las más caras del mundo
July 03, 2019
Las patatas fritas más caras del mundo son suecas, una obra de arte en clave gourmet del fabricante de cervezas St. Eriks, que quería la mejor experiencia para acompañar su St. Eriks Indian Pale Ale.
Rosenqvists Star Wheel Fryer for snacks pellets: a classic continuous updates
February 19, 2019
Food processing equipment manufacturer Rosenqvists is constantly improving their unique finish-frying solution for pellet snacks, the Star Wheel Fryer.
World's most expensive potato chips are offered by a Swedish Brewery
October 26, 2016
Starting from the premise that an exclusive beer requires an exclusive snack, the Swedish brewery St. Eriks prepared a beautifully designed box containing 5 hand-made potato chips (of course from potatoes planted and harvested by hand as well) and offered the box for 499 Swedish krones (USD 56)
 the disputed flag on Estrellas chip package (Source: The local)
August 28, 2013
Swedish chip brand Estrella are going to replace the Union Jack with an Irish tricolour following a request from an Irishman based in Sweden to correctly illustrate the history of salt and vinegar flavoured snacks.
July 01, 2013
The savoury snacks industry assembled en masse to do business on 12-13 June 2013 as exhibitors, delegates and visitors from over 70 countries around the world met in Gothenburg, Sweden, for the 15th edition of SNACKEX.
 Snackex Spanish
June 11, 2013
Snackex es la feria especializada en los sectores de los snacks salados y frutos secos más importante de Europa. Organizada por la Asociación Europea de Aperitivos (ESA), este evento bienal se celebra por primera vez en Gotenburgo (Suecia)