Papas Fritas y Especialidades de Papa

Hungritos FHA 2023
Mayo 12, 2024

Hungritos' Successful Stint at FHA Singapore 2024

Indian-origin brand Hungritos had an extremely successful run at the recently concluded FHA Singapore 2024. Hungritos used FHA Singapore as a launchpad for its latest innovation Potato Scoops that garnered lot of interest from visitors.
KFC Cheese wedges (Source: KFC Singapore)
Mayo 04, 2022

Another frozen Potato Supply Chain hickup: NO Fries for KFC customers in Singapore

KFC Singapore said on Thursday April 28 that it is not offering French fries for now but assured customers that the item 'will be back soon'. Instead, the fast-food chain is offering wedges, cheese wedges and golden cheddar wedges on its menu in Singapore.
AsiaOne: 'We tried McDonald's new Mala McShaker fries and it's addictively good'
Enero 19, 2021

AsiaOne: 'We tried McDonald's new Mala McShaker fries and it's addictively good'

After seaweed, french onion, cheese and truffle renditions, which have all received varied public response, there is now a mala version of McShaker fries.
Diciembre 18, 2020

Burger King vende un postre que mezcla helado y papas fritas en Singapur

Burger King describió el postre como 'excéntrico, pero delicioso' con temperaturas, texturas y sabores contrastantes. Es un helado lleno de papas fritas. Y sí, las papitas fritas se sirven calientes.
 Ireland's potato Singapore
Septiembre 11, 2012

'Ireland's Potato' a successful QSR concept in Asia

Singapore is lining up for its first taste of a franchise called Ireland’s Potato, a popular potato-based culinary experience that is already thriving in Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong, although the franchise is not Irish as such and apparently originated in Hong Kong.
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