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Cooperatives and private potato companies in Israel, are now fully active in planting potatoes, often under army guard

La guerra en Israel tiene un gran impacto en el cultivo de papa

Octubre 26, 2023
El pasado sábado 7 de octubre, Israel fue atacado desde la Franja de Gaza por miembros de la organización terrorista Hamas, afectando también a muchos kibbutzim. En el proceso, cientos de personas resultaron heridas, muertas y tomadas como rehenes.
Harvested potatoes

Increasing demand for potatoes from Kurdistan in Gulf countries

Agosto 10, 2023
Following a satisfactory experience with exporting potatoes to the United Arab Emirates in recent weeks, several other Gulf states are now lining up to buy the starchy vegetable produced from the farms of the Kurdistan Region
Fresh potatoes

Revolutionizing the Potato Industry: Unleashing the Power of Biotechnology

Agosto 03, 2023
The potato, a humble yet indispensable vegetable, holds a special place in the hearts of millions worldwide. As one of the most widely consumed staple crops, it plays a vital role in global food security
early potato

Farmers of Tajikistan expect to harvest 1.1 million tons of potatoes in 2023

Julio 23, 2023
According to the long-term plan, about 1.1 million tons of potatoes will be harvested in Tajikistan in 2023, Khovar reports with reference to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan.
China: Average Wholesale Prices of Fresh Potatoes (RMB/kg)

China: Frozen French Fry Exports Exceed Imports

Julio 18, 2023
Fresh potato production for MY 2022/23 (September to August) is forecast at 93 million metric tons (MMT), a small decrease from the estimated 95 MMT produced in MY 2021/22 owing to reduced acreage.
Potato Trade

India to Continue license-free Potato Import from Bhutan for Another Year

Julio 16, 2023
The extension of the existing import policy for potato between India and Bhutan brings clarity and eliminates the need for additional documentation.
Patchy power now pushes up potato prices

Patchy power in Bangladesh pushes up potato prices

Junio 18, 2023
Frequent power outages in Bangladesh are driving up the costs of potato storage, ultimately burdening people already struggling with escalating prices of essential food items.
 U.S. potato exports recover in Marketing Year 2020/21

Turkey could face a record potato crop in 2023, record exports but risks a price collapse

Junio 18, 2023
In 2023, a sharp increase in potato production is expected in Turkey, which is among the top 15 world’s largest exporters of the crop, according to Eastfruit Analysts.
Representatives of Beirut Erbil Company, Shorouk Al Nahar Company and Nahar Al Awrad Company with a group of attendees

BEPPCO participates in potato field day organized by its parent company Nahar Al Awrad Group

Junio 04, 2023
Nahar Al Awrad Group, along with its subsidiaries Nahar Al Awrad, Shorouq Al Nahar, and Beirut Erbil Company, recently organized a potato field day.
Potato Days Türkiye new venue in 2023!

Potato Days Türkiye moves to a new venue in 2023!

Mayo 18, 2023
On August 25, 2023 the third edition of DLG’s 'Potato Days Türkiye', the only trade fair in Turkey dedicated to potato cultivation, will take place in Cappadocia, Nevsehir.


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