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Capital Equipment Inc

Capital Equipment, located in Quebec, provides equipment to the (Canadian) potato industry either manufactured in-house or supplied by a wide range of international equipment partners.

Capital Equipment partners include Grimme, Spudnik (planter, harvester), Bijlsma Hercules (shaker sizer & receiving), Newtec (weigher, bagger and optical graders), C-Pack (net bagger & clipper), EMVE (paper bagger), JASA (poly- mesh- and tray bagger), SyMach (pelletizers), Wyma (vege-polisher - lift roller sizer), JMC (automatic master baler), JDC Jongejans (dust collectors), Multiweigh (weighing, counting and mixing), Kerian (speed sizers), Unitec (electronic sorters), Htech (case packing - palletizing) and a-one packaging (casepacker destacker).
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