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GB Potatoes


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GB Potatoes is a shared passion for safeguarding the future of the British Potato Industry in the absence of AHDB.


  • Provide an "Umbrella" organization that supports and coordinates activity that affects all GB potato supply chains and provides significantly greater impact over an individual or sector working alone
  • Stimulate and mobilise the GB potato industry to ensure they are able to innovate and have access to funding to allow cross industry collaboration to reduce the risk of the sector fragmenting
  • Establish an organization that is a trusted and respected voice capable of representing the industry with government and regulators
  • Ensure the sector has a representative body that supports the industry with suitable horizon scanning capability to manage threats
  • Establish a structure that supports collaborative work programmes amongst partner groups
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Jeremy Barraclough, Director of Operations at Biofresh Safestore
juni 15, 2024

Storeguard sprout inhibitor now available to the UK Potato Industry

The UK's exclusive distributor of a new method of maintaining the fry colour of potatoes stored in ethylene-applied stores is preparing for its first full season.
Jeremy Barraclough, operations director of Biofresh Safestore
mei 06, 2024

Biofresh Safestore to exhibit at SPot Store potato storage event

The UK's leading potato sprout control technology provider has confirmed it is exhibiting at SPot Store on 14th May.
GB Potatoes appoints Scott Walker as its new CEO
oktober 05, 2023

Former NFU chief commits to give British potato industry a voice

Former Chief Executive of NFU Scotland, Scott Walker, has been appointed as the new part-time CEO for GB Potatoes.
A New Potato Industry Organisation in Great Britain
oktober 19, 2022

A New Potato Industry Organisation in Great Britain

The Working Group for GB Potatoes has striven to bring the industry together to explore and develop what the industry needs following the levy payer ballots in Potatoes and Horticulture.