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ProSource is providing its wholesale, retail and foodservice customers with onions and potatoes through the integration of sustainable farming operations, safe, secure packing facilities, and efficient, timely shipping methods.

When you buy from ProSource, you buy straight from the farm. ProSource was established in 2010 by Troy Seward as the sole and exclusive “grower owned” marketing agent for Golden West Produce (Parma, Idaho) supplying onions and potatoes to customers year-round.

Today, ProSource is a strong partnership of veteran produce professionals, managed by Corey Griswold, COO, who oversees the sales team.  This team has allowed Golden West and GW Farms to progress to the “next level,” and focus on what we do best…growing and packing the finest onions available anywhere in the world.

Other farms in the group include Mart Produce, in Rupert, Idaho and Rio Valley Onion in Rincon New Mexico.

Prosource sells a range of onions and Russet Potatoes, Red Potatoes, Yellow Potatoes, several varieties of fingerling potatoes as well as sweet potatoes.


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