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Sashanka Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

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Sashanka Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company established in 1999 by Mr. Bishwanath Sinha in Ranchi, India. An annual potato mini tuber seed production capacity in aeroponic is more than 10 Million and 2 Million in coco peat.

The company undertakes design, engineering, procurement & construction job as turnkey projects of infrastructure development in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry & the Allied Sector and has a wider range of customer bases ranging from Government, Research Institute, Corporate, and Farmer. Currently, its operation is divided into four divisions.

  • Greenhouse & Agri Infra: Greenhouses, Research Greenhouses, Greenhouse Accessories, Soilless Growing System, Plant Growth Chamber, Tissue Culture Lab, Micro Irrigation, Allied Agricultural Structure, Post Harvest Facility, Beekeeping
  • Green Energy: Solar Solutions
  • Plant Biotechnology: Tissue Culture Vegetable Seeds, Tissue Culture Fruit Plants, Tissue Culture Flower Plants, Tissue Culture Forest & Timber Plants
  • Organic farming Solutions: Compost Production Facility, Organic Fertilizer, Soilless Growing Media, Soil Conditioner, Organic Pesticide & Insecticide, Zero Wastage

The company has state of an art world-class Tissue Culture Lab facility & well-trained staff for mass production of tissue culture potato mini tuber. It provides various varieties of aeroponically grown uniform, disease & virus-free, high yields, and high-quality potato mini tuber. The company also maintains & multiplies its own varieties of Potato Tissue at its facilities.

Farming Products offered in Plant Bio-Technology: Potato Mini Tubers

Varieties offered:

Kufri Anand, Kufri Badshah, Kufri Bahar, Kufri Chandramukhi, Kufri Chipsona-I, Kufri Chipsona-III, Kufri Chipsona-IV, Kufri Frysona, Kufri Ganga, Kufri Garima, Kufri Gaurav, Kufri Giridhari, Kufri Himalini, Kufri Jyoti, Kufri Khyati, Kufri Lauvkar, Kufri Mohan, Kufri Neelkanth, Kufri Pukhraj, Kufri Surya, LR, Red Pukhraj

Subsidiaries and Factory Location
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