Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.
Vicentina is a family company, and leader in the potato sector in Uruguay. With a very rich history spanning over 50 years, Vicentina currently produces one of the largest areas in the country with quality standards that serve as a beacon and reference for other growers. Always at the forefront, the company has also ventured into potato seed commerce, acting as agents for the Dutch company STET and the Scottish company Cygnet Pep. But their work goes beyond Uruguay, and they have managed to develop in the region and around the world based on their four fundamental pillars: innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and trust. Always seeking new ways of doing things, never settling, and never missing the opportunity to generate valuable information, Vicentina redefines year after year what is possible to achieve with potatoes.

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Vicentina S.A organizó su jornada de papa anual en Uruguay
november 01, 2023

Vicentina S.A organizó su jornada de papa anual en Uruguay

La semana pasada en Uruguay el equipo de Vicentina S.A, empresa dedicada a la producción de papa y también agentes para la compañía holandesa STET, dio la bienvenida a clientes y entusiastas del sector a la muy esperada jornada de la Papa Vicentina.