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Wedgehut Foods Limited

Potato wedges

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Wedgehut Foods Ltd is a potato processing enterprise Located in Kenya. Wedgehut Foods buys potatoes from farmers, brings them to the Ruiru factory, sorts and processes them into several products - French fries, potato wedges, lyonnaise, potato cubes, and whole potatoes that are peeled, cut, and cleaned to remove starch, then vacuum-packed to reduce oxidation, then chilled.

Wedgehut ltd has a capacity to process up to 4 Tonnes of Potatoes per day serving a diverse clientele that includes; Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Food Caterers, Schools, and individuals.

Wedgehut sources the best potato variety with the right size for standardized processing and packaging in 2Kg, 5Kg, and 10Kg packets. Wedgehut Foods had a standard operating procedures, and food safety audits, and compliance with these has propelled its growth.
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Serial entrepreneur carves a niche with potato processor
april 03, 2023

Serial entrepreneur carves a niche with potato processor

The potato value chain has been the main pain point for Kenyan farmers for decades now. After a bumper harvest, thousands of tonnes go to waste. And this is where Wedgehut Foods carved a niche.