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ZEISS Spectroscopy

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ZEISS stands for continuity and foresight as well as for passion and responsibility. Most importantly, the name stands for globally leading optical measurement technology. As a reliable partner for consistently high-quality food production, Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH develops powerful and extremely robust solutions for industrial applications, laboratories and agriculture.

Spectrometer systems from ZEISS Spectroscopy can measure ingredients, such as fat and moisture, as well as flavorings, color and Agtron values at the same time. This allows you to constantly keep an eye on your process and make crucial quality decisions to ensure that your product is as good as it possibly can be – all the time, in real time.

ZEISS spectroscopy solutions can be tailored to your specific snack and potato production process to save you time, money and resources by increasing efficiency and eliminating waste. Use ZEISS spectrometers to measure and determine the quality of French fries, potato chips, flakes and starch as well as snacks made from vegetables or corn, for example.
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ZEISS Spectroscopy: Elevating Snack Quality at SNACKEX 2024

ZEISS Spectroscopy will once again be taking part at SNACKEX.